History of a Miss Venezuela: Mónica Spear

Mónica Spear

In the edition n° 52 the festival came with a glorious return to the majestic Polyhedron of Caracas, where he was able to celebrate and sing the classic hymn of the contest: «In a night so cute as this». An Angel called: Monica Spears was crowned in 2004 as the Miss Venezuela.

Mónica Spear

Was the model, actress and philanthropist, born in Maracaibo, study Dramatic Arts at the University of Central Florida in Orlando Florida, United States and their 20 years was crowned queen of the Venezuelan beauty being carried to Bangkok, Thailand, where would be the edition of the Miss Universe 2005, remain as 4ta finalist.

Immediately apply their knowledge as an actress, and enters in what would be her first role in a novel recorded in the year 2006 on Radio Caracas Television with: The contempt, sharing with great actors such as Ricardo Alamo and Flavia Gleske with whom he had a strong friendship.

In the year 2007 he starred in the successful novel my cousin Ciela along with Manuel Sosa, debuting as well as actress protagonic, serving very well, receiving much met the public and critics in the matter.

The following year gave birth to Maya Berry Spear with her husband Thomas Henry Berry, British businessman, withdrawing by a 1 year of outbreaks to dedicate himself to be a mother and her husband.

Was not a lot of time away from the cameras because in 2009 starring again a dramatic production along with Manuel Sosa like his previous production, this time it was Street moon, calle Sol.

In 2010, took a participation in another novel Venezuelan entitled the sky me explain; then he returned to his house Venevisión to act in the Perfect Woman, in the month of September. It is believed that this role the catapulto to international stardom to sign 1 year after an exclusive contract with Telemundo to record two productions: Wild Flower and Passion prohibited recorded in 2013, his last production.

Miss Mónica Spear

A 6 January 2014 on a journey of reconciliation with her former husband Thomas Berry and Maya Berry Spear for Venezuela, where in the evening at approximately 10:30 pm, on 6 January 2014 Your cart is averío and while arrived a crane to assist them were assaulted by criminals that you took the life of her and Thomas Berry, leaving the Mayan girl Berry Spear wound in his right leg to its 6 years of age.

The country and the world were surprised by this terrible and unjust news, since days before had shared photos where they looked very happy in different landscapes Venezuelans. Three days after his death it was learned that the C uerpo Research Criminal Science and Criminology (CICPC) found 7 persons implicated in the murder to find some assets of the couple.

A sad history, where a woman who seemed to achieve it and having it all, lost it in a second by the strong crime plaguing the country. A myriad of tributes facts for this queen that will never leave from our hearts.