History of a miss: Mariangel Ruiz

Mariangel Ruiz

Miss Venezuela Mariangel Ruiz of 2002 was selected the successor of Cynthia Lander, and was the representative of the state of Aragua who took the crown, a young woman of 22 years, a native of San Juan de Los Morros: Mariangel Ruiz.

Mariangel Ruiz

The rise of this guariqueña is interesting, since the age of 14 started his career as a model in Maracay, forming in the walkways that shortly and unknowingly adueñaría of them.

Its 18 years, this fighter lady decides to take courses to aeromoza and worked for the airline Avensa and participates in the casting of the Miss Venezuela, where there was in the first 120 candidates. Then two years later decides to continue their studies and to embark on a career of economy, but after being to Douglas Perez a friend of artistic medium who encouraged him to enter in the Miss Venezuela again and this time it would be to stay.

In 2002, he was the winner in the 1er casting that was held in Maracay, Aragua state, officially participating in the festival where there was a favorite for many, and to take the crown was a surprise that none of the participants expected.

Miss Mariangel Ruiz

The girl that is characterized by its joy and charism reaches the Miss Universe to make act of presence and represent the country more acclaimed in this type of competition, but it was not easy to get there, since for that year in the country began to pass through an economic crisis where it was commented that the Miss Venezuela Organization did not have enough foreign exchange to send Ruiz until the Miss Universe since the president at that time Hugo Chavez the controlled.

Also Mariangel won the contempt of the President of the Organization Osmel Souza, tildándola of «rebel» amenazándola to send the first finalist instead of it but ceased to increase weight. After many rumours about whether Venezuela would participate or not in the contest more important of beauty at the global level was achieved the payment of foreign currency thanks to the Cisneros Group, achieving inclusion among the other candidates in the last moment, due to the problems presented.

Meanwhile, Souza, took the decision to train another contestant representative of another country as it was Dominican Republic with by Amelia Vega.

At the start of the event continued to be some drawbacks since the announced with a country that she did not represent, by the cheerleader Venezuela also Daysi Sources, who clarified its error after Mariangel leave the stage.

At the time of reaching the dreaded questions, there was another confusion and is that the presenter Billy Bush asked him for his passion for the Rapel, extreme sport that the Venezuelan never practiced to what shrewdly replied: «I love my life and protect the one hundred percent».

The performance of the Dominican Republic appeared to be larger than the others because it finally led the Carona, and Mariangel obtained the title of 1was finalist. This result was quite annoying for the Cisneros Group since the winner of the competition was prepared by the Miss Venezuela Organization and the own candidate of the country was in the air, amonestando so to Osmel Souza and denying it strictly to train other misses of other countries.

Had to be his personality and talent that with such spark injected to his later work as an actress in novels and national and international leader of a recognized national television programs as were: What madness, Miss Venezuela (jury), Dancing with the stars (contestant), in the animation was with Home’s, Kino Tachira, Mr Venezuela, Girl Htv, Latin Grammy Awards, Super Saturday sensational and the magic of being Miss.

At present Ruiz, has a daughter with her former husband the beisbolista professional «El Potro Alvarez» call Victoria Mariangel Ruiz, and currently has a relationship with the mayor and political Carlos Oscariz.

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