History of a miss: Jictzad Viña

Jictzad Viña

The Polyhedron of Caracas would once again the main witness of what would be the night in which a girl born in Carano would become the queen of the Venezuelan beauty.

A native of a state playero, Vineyard is characterized by a delicate cinnamon color and by having a porte very elegant by its height of 1’83 m, who from an early age had a great passion for the sport, belonging from 15 years to the selection of volleyball and later formed part of the national selection of rowing, participating in Pan American Games and Bolivarian.

Jictzad Viña

Conducted a arduous training in Romania for a year and a half, graduating as Superior Technician in sport. From 2005 enters the world of the reigns being elected in his hometown as the queen of the carnival of Carúpano and the same year enters the Miss Venezuela representing the state of Sucre.

The contest in the edition 53° passed with the customary artistic display between actors, animators and dancers, under the leadership of Maite Delgado and Daniel Sarcos, the music of the venezuelan Band Drum urban, and a great tribute made to Susana Dujim to mark 50 years after his coronation in the Miss World.

At that time, great artists were presented in the festival as: Frank Quintero and Franco de Vita, who during his presentation suffered an altercation, when a member of the public identified as John Chambers, he ignored the security and went on stage, removing the microphone to the artist and exclaiming few words to be removed immediately.

The fact was taken with humor by the animators and the public, being part of the euphoria caused by this type of events in the country, where the Venezuelan lives with a lot of passion and emotion every minute elapsed.

Jictzad Vineyard, after taking the crown decides to go immediately to the contest of the Queen Sudamericana 2005 winning as first runner up; then is directed toward the important Miss Universe, where despite having a good performance was not included in any table of finalists; it is assumed that the little support was due to his figure to have a body very sporty and less sensitive to the prototype of beauty standard that there are in the contest.

Miss Jictzad Viña

Despite having lost 15 kilos to enter the Miss Venezuela, Venezuelan revealed that it was worth it because it gave him a BMW last model and decided to sell to an employer to give a home to his mother.

A miss that many do not remember but it marked a before and after to be one of the few queens of complexion obscura. It is now known that vineyard resides in Mexico, studying performance and works as a professor of gateway and model after marrying Hugo Javier Suarez.