History of a miss: Marelisa Gibson

Marelisa Gibson

In 2009, Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson is represented by a queen of Caracas, with international roots, to have grandparents Swedes immigrants and her grandmother is Mexico.

Before being miss, change residence to Paris, France to study the language and then return to Venezuela and he graduated in architecture at the Central University of Venezuela and know 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.History of a miss: Marelisa Gibson.

Marelisa Gibson

Until it enters the Miss Venezuela and in 2009 begins the show began with the large deployment of production directed by the late Joaquin Rivera with an opening inspired by Bollywood, making reference to the theme of the film award-winning film The Oscar who wants to be a Millionaire?.

The event was animated by Daniel Sarcos and was attended by numerous performances international artists such as: Daddy Yankee, Boris Izaguirre, Chinese and Nacho, Tito El Bambino, Maite Delgado and Rummy Olivo; this year also premiered the new band: Miss Internet, taking the votes on the web site of the festival.

At the time of the questions, there was an omentum quite uncomfortable for the representative of the Capital District at the time that Daniel Sarcos told him: What is worse, ask permission or ask forgiveness ? To what the model does not knew that say feeling the pressure of the nerves live and direct.

Finally got to know the 5 finalists and it was learned that the Capital District could not be present to have a fainting caused by the bad time they crossed. Among the candidates was the big winner to be representative in the Miss Universe: Marelisa Gibson where I am not in the 15 finalists.

Model Marelisa Gibson