History of a miss: Irene Esser

Irene Esser

In the edition °60 the Miss Venezuela (2011) returns to its root and returns to the city that saw grow to this contest: Caracas, but the study 1 of the official channel of the Organization, Venvisión, thus being in a more simple way and least ostentatious as in previous years, this was due to the problem of the country that has been affected the event from several years ago, mainly for economic reasons.

As I declare the Lord Riviera: «Last year we spend a lot of money. I yesterday I turned 42 years of being in Venezuela and I never have said you cannot spend that amount of money. All the years we spent in the budget. In Maracaibo spend on tickets, hotels, meals… We also have to cut costs» claimed.

Similarly, this allowed to give a more intimate where the event was led by Daniela Kosán and Leonardo Villalobos and produced by the Vice President of variety of channel: Joaquín Riviera.

Previously as is usual is made a formal presentation to the press led by the former Miss Carolina Indriago and was presented for the first time the Gala Interactive and finally the great night that was surrounded by LED screens of high technology and transmitted in high definition.

The spoilt the house Chinese and Nacho were presented again, the singer romantic borica Luis Fonsi was present, Ana Isabelle and Oscarsito.

In the team jury was present: Miss Venezuela 2008, Sthanie Fernandez, the journalist of CNN Ismael Cala, the actress Marjorie de Souza, Valentina Patruno, fashion designer Venezuelan Giovanni Scutaro, the Vice President of Directv Juan Carlos Amaro, the president of Odontosalud Jorge Luis Vergara,the President of the lottery of Tachira Angel Pernía, the director of Blue Ocean Adelaide Camacho, reporter of Telemundo Mauricio Zeilic, among others.

After the parades in evening dress, bathing suit and questions this team selected to Irene Esser, representative of Sucre state,; the young native of the city of Puerto Ordaz, was direct to Las Vegas, United States, where it was the Miss Universe 2012 arriving as 2da finalist, winged Olivia blame, United States of America, who was the winner.


Irene Esser

The girl of German descent and hungara has studies in England in art, action in the University of Los Andes and in New York where also signed with the agency of modeling Trump Model Management.

To exit the Miss Universe, had some occurrences televisas as in the novel of Venevision Heart Emerald with a leading role, same role that would have on skin wild in RCTV and possessed the same channel has now disappeared.

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