History of a miss: Stefanía Fernández

The next queen of Venezuela is a merideña born on 14 September 1990, who at the age of 18 achieved the title that every girl would like: Miss Venezuela.

He worked for this from the age of 15, attending classes of modeling and beauty contests, achieving enter the Miss Venezuela in 2008, representing the state of Trujillo.

The festival of the Venezuelan woman was developed in the middle of the show with official ballet of Venevision, singers and a great tribute to the queen of the previous year and Miss Universe: Dayana Mendoza with numbers immersed in the musica Llanera and groupings in Venezuela as: Chinese and Nacho, Drum Urban, A.5, Treo, the Cadillac’s, among others.

At the end of the act, continue with the round of questions and the musical presentation enlivened by the duo reguetonero Wisin y Yandel. It was subsequently announced the 5 finalists and finally the winner, Miss Trujillo, now Miss Venezuela 2008.

Stefanía Fernández

Then Fernandez is moved up to the Bahamasel 23 August 2009, where stressed from the beginning and for the first time in the history ofthe 63 years of the festival, a country gains in two consecutive years the great crown of this prestigious competition. Stefanía succeeded in including, enter in the books of Record Guinness and be the subject of the press and the internet as a striking fact.

Dayana and Stefanía Fernández

To be reinada, the prize that give includes a contract promoting the Miss Universe, money, travel in the world, a course in the NY Film Academy, valued at 100 thousand dollars, a department in New York for a year and classes to prevent HIV/AIDS.

From there they start their humanitarian work in the globe and is set in your apartment in New York for a year to meet with photo sessions, wheels of presses and interviews with the most important means of communication.

By the end of this year he travels to his native country, being received from that floor Venezuela with much love and quantities of positive messages of many people, subsequently is honored by his triumph in the program tv of Venevisón: Super Saturday sensational.

Then diriggió until Barquisimeto to pay a promise to the Virgin of the Divine Shepherdess being well received its inhabitants with caravans doing a tour to the Basilica of Santa Rosa, where gives the virgin a replica of his crown.

The race and the success of the model rose as the foam, taking the opportunity to encourage the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, United States, delivered a recognition in his own country in the Feria de La Chinita, took an HIV test AIDS during the World Day of the disease taking the opportunity to share with the President of the Organization of the United Nations and next to Carolina Herrera, fashion designer.

Attended the ignition of the tree in the Rockefeller Center, traveled to France at the Cannes Film Festival, again travelled to Venezuela for the procession of the Divine Shepherdess, participated in the telethon to raise funds for the earthquake in Haiti, encouraged a television program on the Telemundo Network and appeared in the talk show Oprah Winfrey, the most seen in the history of the United States.

There were many stakes in various events and charitable activities, since in may choose to work with the organization Aid for AIDS, attended to close the Dominican Republic Fashion Week, travelled to Rwanda for the organization Same Sky for women who are carriers of HIV/AIDS.

Received a call from the President at that time Hugo Chavez, giving their congratulations and offering the support of his government for it; entered between the list of the 50 Most Beautiful People Magazine in Spanish.

Stefanía Ferndez traveled to the United States, Venezuela, Indonesia, Curacao, France, Puerto Rico, Russia, Colombia, Panama, Czech Republic, Bahamas, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Ecuador, India, Argentina, Spain and Rwanda.

At the end of his reign gives his crown to the Miss Mexico 2010 and new Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete in Las Vegas, United States.